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20th November 1941





The Clerk (Mr. G. Tracy Phillips) reported to the Ammanford Urban Council on Wednesday night that he had received applications for the posts of Fire Guard Assistant Staff Officer and Fire Guard Depot Superintendent.

Regarding the former appointment, that, he said was a matter for the joint consideration of the Cwmamman Urban Council and themselves, and a special meeting would be called for the purpose.

Mr. Frank Davies queried whether a member of the Council could apply for the job, and expressed the view that the appointments should be deferred pending the receipt of an opinion from the proper authority.

“We don't want any bad taste after this,” added Mr. Davies.

The Clerk said it was his considered opinion that such an appointment would be an irregular one. At a preliminary meeting with the Regional Commissioner, his opinion had been confirmed.

He was now in communication with the Regional Office, and should receive sound advice on the matter.

Mr. Frank Davies observed that he had a newspaper cutting in his pocket in which it was stated that Mr. Herbert Morrison had thrown the onus on the Local Authority.

The making of the appointment of Fire Guard Depot Superintendent was deferred, and the Clerk was directed to call a special meeting immediately a reply was received.

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