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18th December 1941


To the Editor, Amman Valley Chronicle.

Sir, - I am sure that I voice the opinion of many Ammanford ratepayers when I state that I view the apprehension the attitude adopted by the Ammanford and Cwmamman Councils over the appointments of officers for the Fire Guard organisation, at their meeting last week, and I have since come to the conclusion that the people whose motto should be one of service have changed all that to one of self-interest, the means of obtaining well-paid posts, irrespective of whether they are capable of doing these duties or not.

We are fighting a war in order to have justice and fairplay, and yet we lack these essentials at our very doorstep.

Surely, it is high time that our professed Labour members should look around and take stock of things, instead of being the means of rendering assistance to break and flout all Trade Union principles.

One hears a great deal about these principles during lodge meetings and election time, but once inside the Council Chamber, they only come to light when it is convenient, or when it suits some particular person.

It has come to my knowledge that the Councils outvoted an opinion that should have been allowed to prevail at the meeting, and one wonders whether the Government has created these posts for Councillors.

I have sought expert advice on this question, and have definitely been informed that it is illegal for any Councillor to take on an office of profit during his term of service.

However, for the duration, this regulation has been waived in certain exceptional cases; but are these?

The only exceptional thing about these appointments is the fact that a Councillor can vote for himself; even if it is not illegal, it is certainly not in good taste.

We hear a lot nowadays about our democratic principles, our love of justice, fairplay and impartiality.

If our Councillors possess these virtues, let them call a meeting of the ratepayers and explain why so many of them are out to further their own interests. ?

Yours, etc.,



Nothing changes then!


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