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19th February 1942





The promptitude of a farmer, Mr. Richard Ivor Davies, of Ystradcathan Farm, Garnswllt, was the means of saving four colliery horses from being burned to death in a stable near the smithy at the New Mount Colliery, Bettws, where a fire broke out shortly before midnight on Tuesday.

The fire had previously been seen by P.C. Evan Davies, who was patrolling the village of Penybank, 2 to 3 miles distance away, and he immediately proceeded to the Ammanford Police Station.

The latter then, accompanied by P.C. Williams and Mobile Constable Edwards, hurried in the police car to the colliery, arriving there about 12.20 a.m.

When they reached the spot they found the smithy ablaze, and Mr. Richard Ivor Davies endeavouring to confine the blaze to the same building and preventing its spread to the stable only four feet away, where the four colliery horses were.

Buckets were procured, and the police officers, with the help of Mr. Davies, carried water, of which there was an ample supply running out of the colliery level, to the fire and soon got it under control.

Mr. Richard Ivor Davies, who was the first on the scene, had in the meantime partly dismantled the smithy structure, and had also placed props against the framework so as to prevent it galling against the stable and causing the blaze to ignite the latter.

All the wood work and workmen's clothing which had been left inside the smithy were destroyed.


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