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12th November 1942



At the British Restaurant, Ammanford, on Saturday evening last, under the chairmanship of Mr. David Harries, Station Road, Tirydail, the Chairman of the Urban Council, Mr. W. L. Hitchings. J.P., was privileged to present Instructors' (Fire Guard) Certificates to twenty men who had qualified in the recent examination conducted by Inspector T. A. Jones, A.R.P.S. (Special), Llanelly.

The results reflect great credit on the ability and thoroughness with which P.C. Butler, A. R. P. S., conducted the Class.

The high standard attained by the candidates called for special comment for the Examiner. Incidentally, the Ammanford Council at their last meeting unanimously decided to forward a letter of appreciation to the Chief Constable for the excellent services rendered by the police officers in connection with the Class and subsequent examination.

Mr. Hitchings in presenting the certificates, remarked how highly pleased he was to perform the ceremony, inasmuch as he was paying deserved tribute to men who were doing something for Ammanford, of which he had been signally honoured to be this year's chief citizen.

Knowing these men as he did he felt sure that the individual Fire Guard would be well and thoroughly trained, and that their motto would be that “Ammanford shall not burn.”

Councillor Tom Davies (sculptor) remarked on the enthusiasm with which the Class had undergone their training, and the eagerness displayed in obtaining knowledge, leaving him perfectly convinced that the right men had been chosen for the job, and that the training that has to be compulsorily undergone by every Fire Guard will be supervised by men not only well able to tackle the job, but by citizens who know and appreciate the meaning of the word.

P.C. Butler had been a courteous and tactful Instructor, and proved himself to be the master of his work, and it was his pleasure to act in a purely voluntary capacity.

Councillor J. Ll. Rees said that the Class may well feel proud of themselves, as there was no semblance of a fluke in their passing, having qualified on their merit in a strenuous test by an outside examiner.

P.C. Butler, who spoke, congratulated on and all, and said how pleased he was to be associated with a Class who were doing something to help to win the war.

All had passed fully on their own merits. He was proud of them, and would gladly assist at any time in the future.

A very pleasant evening ended in a vote of thanks to all concerned, being very ably moved and seconded by Mr. E. Jones, New Road, and Mr. Owen Madden.

The Instructors who qualified, and who have volunteered to act as such gratuitously, are :-

D. E. Mathias, 114, High St;
D. Davies, Barclays Bank;
H. Leswisse, 25, Wind St;
D. Walters, Post Office, Pontamman;
D. E. Morgan, 28 New Rd;
J. M. Griffiths, 53, Tirydail Lane;
T. Thomas, 67 New Rd;
E. Jones, New Rd;
A. C. Gunter,
15 Talbot Rd;

D. Harries, 27, Station Rd;
O. Madden, College St;
J. Davies, Dolwerdd, Myddynfych Drive;
A. Walters, 3, Talbot Rd;
H.A. Fox, 81, Margaret St;
H. J. Barber, 9, Margaret St;
N.E. Morgan, 18, College St;
T. George, 19, Penybank Rd;
H. Fowler, 47, Iscennen Rd;


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