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Penygroes Fire
Fire Guard Training Film.
Fire Guard Instructors Ceremony
Ammanford Fire.

8th April 1943




A very interesting ceremony took place at Bethesda Vestry, Glanamman, on Thursday evening last, when Proficiency Certificates were presented to 19 Fire Guards who had qualified as Supplementary Instructors for the Cwmamman area.

Mr. G. Tracy Phillips, in presenting the certificates, referred to the good work performed by these instructors, and said it was pleasing to note that they acted on that noble principle of service before self, and that from his knowledge of these people the Fire Guards of Cwmamman were in good hands.

He also spoke of the good work put in by Councillor David Morgan and Mr. J. Alcwyn Davies in training the Instructors.

The Fire Guard Staff Officer, councillor Tom Davies, Ammanford, who spoke, referred in glowing terms of the good work already performed by the supplementary Instructors, especially of the six ladies who had qualified.

He urged them to continue their studies, as strenuous and interesting times were ahead, mentioning the Area Fire Guards' Competition that would shortly be held, and furthermore the distinct possibility of actual combat in Fire Prevention with an enemy, which as yet we would be foolish to delude ourselves that he was a sent force.

After tea had been tastefully served by the ladies, Mr. David Thomas, Vice-Chairman of the Cwmamman Urban Council (in absence owing to illness of Mr. David Davies, Chairman of the Urban Council), conducted a short concert, when items were rendered by Messrs. J. Ll. Rees and H. M. Fuller, the respective Depot Superintendents of Ammanford and Cwmamman.

The former gave a rousing rendering of the “The Sergeant Major on Parade,” while the latter sang some topical verses of his own composition (which appear at the end of this report)

The certificates were then presented to the following 19 candidates:

Misses Margaret Thomas, B.A.,
M. Jenkins,
Wynne Fuller,
Mary Rees, and
Messrs. W. Rees, M.A.,
D. J. Jones,
Jesse Williams,
J. Daniel,
David Thomas,
E. J. Roberts,

E. Rowlands,
Elwyn Jenkins,
Glyn Thomas,
Bryn Price,
Morgan Daniel,
John Jones,
J. W. Thomas,
Rhys Evans,
H. M. Fuller.


We're gathered here this evening
To grant Certificates
To Fire-Guard Instructors
Who scorn to lurder Rates,
This scheme to useful training
Our Urban Council passed,
And volunteers came forward,?
They studied hard and fast.

With Alcwyn to instruct them,
And David Morgan, too,
Each made a mighty effort,
Through subject was quite new,
This war has taught us lessons
Which peace-time never needs,?
How to extinguish fires

With pumps that have two speeds.
At first the spray was stated
With five-and-twenty strokes
To put out I. B. fires,
Till nought was left but smoke,
But this has now advised
With seventy strokes per minute,?
Number Two's been energised.

Who are these wise Instructors?
Let's name them stout and thin:
A Councillor is ELWYN,
Another one is GLYN,
Four ladies have been useful
With blackboard, bomb and chalk;
All qualified to talk.

Two Specials, BRYN and EDDIE,
And ROBERTS, Garnant Head,
Are full of facts ‘tis said.
No lions now appease
They're training Fire-fighters,
With EVANS known as RHYS.
D. J., and also JOHNNY.
Their surname it is JONES;
JOHN THOMAS. Abergwili,
They all protect your homes.
There's WILLIE REES from Garnant,
Who likes a task well done.
And with the DEPOT SUPER.,
I've named them every one.

Nineteen all toll, the total,
Each one will worth his salt;
In Garnant quite successful,
Glanamman found no fault
Success in life is measured
Not by your monied wealth:
The lesson war has taught us
Is SERVICE more than SELF.


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