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Fire Guard Service
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Fire Guard celebrate in Verse
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Cwmamman Fire Guard Event

2nd March 1944





A very interesting function took place at the British Restaurant, Ammanford, on Thursday evening last, when the Ammanford Fire Guards gathered together to celebrate the occasion of the testing of the Fire Guard Plan in the Amman Valley by the Regional Commissioner.

The chair was occupied by Sector Captain D. Harries, Tirydail, who extended a hearty welcome to the officers of the Fire Guard Service and others who were present to celebrate an auspicious occasion in the history of the Fire Guard Service in Ammanford.

P. C. Butler, A. R. P. S., who proposed the toast of the Fire Guards, said how happy he was to be associated with the Ammanford Fire Guards, whom he had found to be a very happy band of Civil Defence Workers, and ever ready to learn and anxious to be of service to their country in its hour of need.

Fire Guard Staff Officer Tom Davies, responding, expressed his pleasure at the happy sentiments put forth by Mr. Butler, and said how much they owed to Mr. Butler for his unstinted service and profound interest in the organisation with his customary readiness at all times to assist. Mr. Davies was delighted with the manner that the Fire Guards rose to the occasion in the recent Test, and it was no secret to say that the Amman Valley Fire Guards then rose to a height of efficiency that even astounded the Regional Officers who conducted the exercise. He thanked one and all for their co-operation.

Messrs Harry Fuller and J. Ll. Rees also stressed on the support rendered by outside bodies, particularly that of the local Company of Cadets, under the command of Lieut. Fred Thomas, and the A. T. C. and Mr. Bryn Roberts, B. Sc., together with the services of P. C. Butler since the inception of the Fire Guard organisation.

This assistance, together with the enthusiasm and efficiency of the Sector Captains Party Leaders, and Fire Guard personnel, was bound to result in success.

Miss A. Thomas, Talbot Road, Sector Clerk, expressed her pleasure at being present that evening, as one of the few women officers participating in the recent Fire Guard exercise, and was pleased to know that the “weaker sex” had contributed towards the success of the Plan.

The best that she could do would always be at the service of the Fire Guards.

Party Leaders A. C. Gunter and C. E. Fletcher thanked the organisers and staff of the British Restaurant for the success of the function, and rmarked of the pleasure it had given them in preparing themselves and their comrades for service in case their beloved Ammanford should be blitzed.

An enjoyable evening terminated with the singing of “Hen Wlad fy Nhadau” and “God Save the King,” Councillor J. Ll. Rees talking the solo parts.

Verses composed for the occasion by Messrs. H. M. Fuller and Tom Davies will appear in our next issue.

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