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Fire Guard Service
George Medal winner does it again

Fire Guard celebrate in Verse
Tribute to Ammanford Fire Guard
Cwmamman Fire Guard Event

9th March 1944





The following verses were read at a supper held at the British Restaurant by the Ammanford Fire Guard to celebrate the success of a recent exercise :?


When our Fire Guard Test was assembled
Rank and file like an army resembled,
Though they showed a brave face
‘Tis not quite out of place
if I say that their knees knocked and trembled.

The Test was to try out the speed
Of our Messengers keen to take heed;
If the Assembly was joint
To its own Sector Point,
And each call sent wherever the need.

The Region had prepared us some fun,
And in charge was our friend Major Gunn,
With Bidgegood from Devon
And Sweet Mrs. Bevan.
They kept each and all on the run.

So what of our Officers brave,
Opportunity here I would crave.
They each gave their best
With zeal and with zest
To teach you in “blitz” how to save.

There's Davies we all know as “Tom,”
A Sculptor if ever was one,
His orders were brief
As Commander-in-Chief,
And his speeches they roll off his tongue
Now Tom has a car that has bin
A snorter when it was in trim,
When Ford passed him by,
A Wag very sly,
Gave the time of day ? “tin past tin.”

Then our Trainer whose first name is “John”
Is a master of speech and of song,
Though not very tall,
Here's a tip for you all,
Don't try out his patience too long.

But old Jack is one of the best,
Pantyffynnon is his home of rest,
His laugh gives you joy,
He's a h? of a boy,
And enjoys all your jokes with a zest.

In the office these two have a “Ward,”
Over whom they in turn try to lord,
You should then see out Beat
As she turns on the heat.
‘Tis a sight that I dare not record.

And praise to Instructors in due,
To Ted Butler in uniform blue;
And Dai Jones, to be brief,
Though minus his teeth,
As a team put it over to you.

Now on the Fire Guards Bold there are some
Who have Points of a sort that they run,
Assemblies and Sectors
They defy all Inspectors,
Whether Bidgegood or Francis or Gunn

So some names you would like, I daresay.
First comes Hitchings, a Councillor gay;
Fire Prevention than cure
Is better, I'm sure,
And where there's a “Will” there's a way.

Then on keen Harold Fox you should gaze,
He reported that Paul was ablaze,
Was it car or a van
Or a house or a man
It gave the N. F. S. cause for amaze,

Then there's Rowlands we all know as Owen.
Makes the N. F. S. trot “till they're blowing,”
He caused them much trouble
When he asked them to “double”
Their resentment I know is still growin'.

In Bettws fives old Charlie Fletcher,
With a problem needs solving, I'll betcher,
Unexploded I. B.
Caused a fire, you see,
Then they took Charlie home on a stretcher.

Of Sector Point Captains and Clerks,
All three they deserve the top marks.
Trevor George, 103,
With his Clerk, Gwyneth D.,
Treat all fires as though they were sparks.

101 has its Point in B. R.,
with Emlyn Mathias the star,
and Ivy who clings
to each message he brings.
With their “Kultschar” they're a team above par.

Then down in the Y. M. C. A.,
Sector Point 102 has its say.
David Harries defines
As A. T. logs the times,
And all of it's done without pay.

There is one I here must recall,
‘Tis Williams who is “Dick” to you all,
as Fire Guard Sec.,
every item he checks, great or small.

And last, but not least, are the Runners,
Each and all would make excellent Drummers,
From Commandos thy came,
And their age much the same,
Though their average is not many summers.

To conclude this, our Test celebration,
Wherein we have cause for elation,
To the Restaurant staff
Who have fed us ? not half,
We give thanks and our congratulations.

There are many more names on the list,
But more rhymes, I'm afraid, don't exist,
If I name every one,
I should never get done,
So forgive me all you whom I've missed.



When this County felt the blitz
Of Hitler and his crew
And the staunch young men of the R. A. F.,
To death and glory flew
When City, town and Village fair
Were rent by fire and stress,
Great Britain called her Fire Guards
To ease her great distress.

The Amman Valley came to life
When it heard the clarion call,
And every man sprang to his post
To fight the foe, or fall.
A fervour welded heart to heart,
To ease the Country's weal,
The fervour of a noble throng
As strong as a shield of steel.

My task was but to call old friends
To join me in the fight
When the Country's need was great indeed
In its struggle for the Right.
The watches through the gloom were long,
The training stiff and stern,
But a pleasure filled each willing heart
That was eager to listen and learn.

With a twinkle in his merry eye,
Came Harry Fuller to my aid,
Like the oak of his loved Dynevor Park,
His help has been sure and staid.
Though he's not so lithe as he used to be
In his prime on the football field,
When his Country called him in her need,
His heart was as strong as a shield.

And Prince of Song also came along
To help us in our work,
Though of stature short, he's a real good sport
And he's never been known to shirk.
While old Amman laughs its way through the vale
Let this be said of Jack Rees,
That he did his best to win the War,
As he will to win the Peace.

The Sector Captains in all their work
Have been alert and keen,
And the Party Leaders of every Street,
A steadfast band have been.
The Messengers and smiling Clerks
Are a team that never shirk,
So, the Umpires bold, with hearts of gold,
Had to bless their splendid work.

Dyna fi, ffrindiau glan wedi gorffea fy nghan
Ar delyn heb law are ei thant,
Ond mae diolch fy mron megis ymchwydd y don,
Pan fo'r torro dros geulan y nant,
Beth bynnag a ddaw boed yn fwynant neu fraw,
Daliwn ati yn ffyddlon o hyd.
Oni thorro gwawr buddugoliaeth fawr,
Ar Brydain ? gwlad orau u byd.


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