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Fire Guard Service
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Cwmamman Fire Guard Event

12th October 1944





The complete relation of Firewatching duties in the Ammanford Urban Area as from the 12 th September has resulted in the disbandment of the local Fire Guard Organisation, both as regards Business Premises and Street Firewatching.

The officers and personnel, who have worked so efficiently and conscientiously during the past three years, are now release from liability to do further firewatching, and may relax so long as the present Government pronouncement remains in force.

This local Organisation deserves the highest praise for its valuable services during anxious times. The personnel worked harmoniously at all times, with the result that the standard of efficiency reached was very commendably referred to by Government Inspectors who visited the district and set practical tests on more than on occasion.

Ammanford Fire Guards were classed by the Inspectors as among the most efficient in the Wales Region. What higher compliment could be paid to any organisation?

This band of happy workers were not content with doing their job thoroughly, but devoted much time to the organisation of various entertainments, etc., which resulted in over £200 being devoted to local charities, including the Ammanford War Comforts Fund, the Forces Welcome Home Fund, the Amman Valley Hospital, the Aid to China Fund, the Stalingrad Hospital Bed Fund, and the Welsh Services Club, London.

The cash balance remaining in hand with the Fire Guards at the close of their activities was recently distributed between local charities.

This charitable work was carried out as unostentatiously as their official firewatching duties, and the general public owe them a debt of gratitude “for services rendered” during dark and dreary hours.

Bravo! Fire Watchers ? a job of work well and truly done.


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