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AMALGAMATED Swansea City fire brigade and part of Glamorgan County Fire Brigade

BADGE DESIGN Home office star, gilt enamel coat of arms, scroll.

A white shield with three Chevrolets, being the traditional arms of the old Prices of Gwry,

Also on the shield two pine cones and a liquid drop. The liquid drop refers to the coal. Oil refining and attendant industries.

The pine cones and liquid drop form a convenient allusion of country side with urban areas.

The crest consists of a demi-Welsh dragon holding between its paws a Tudor rose.

This whole device rises behind four annulets embattled on the outer edge all coloured gold.

These refer to the four Districts which make up the County holding a fish in its beak, being known to the area.

Around its neck is a chain of steel links in reference to the importance of the steel industry to the area.

The right supporter consists of a heron with an aluminium collar about its neck representing the aluminium industry, the heron holds in its beak a fish.

The fish of the tow supporters refer to the maritime interest of the area.

The base under the supporters consists of water to the left being a further reference to the maritime interests and the water harbour for which the area is famous

The other part of the compartment consists of a ploughed field and a reference to the importance of agriculture in the area.

The Helm is that appropriate to a Corporation

The mantling and Crest wreath in the national colours of Wales Green and White


The points of the St. John's Cross represent the worthiness of the Knights

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