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17th OCTOBER 1991

Winners of a painting competition for Fire Safety Week

THE DANGER OF FIRE…This is the message spelt out in colourful paintings by Ammanford Junior and Infant School children which are on display in local shops and the library,

Pic With Fire Officer Ryland Mathews, Elizabeth Thomas, Philip Verbinnen, Owen Williams, Leanne Morris and Dharminy Yoganathan.

AMMANFORD shops are a blaze of colour this week – thanks to local children.

Shops, offices and the town's library are exhibiting paintings and projects by local primary school children taking ‘Fire Costs' – the theme of Fire Prevention Week – as the subject.

“We are trying to get the message across in a different way,” Divisional Fire Prevention Officer David Bush told the Guardian.

“Each year we have a Fire Prevention Week but this year there has been more emphasis on children. And we are delighted with the results.

“The paintings show that they have thought carefully about the subject and have absorbed a lot of what they've been told.”

Brigade officers have taken a mobile bus and ‘Dilwyn the Dragon' around primary schools, highlighting the dangers of fire with the help of visual aids and literature.

Teachers have helped hammer home the safety message.

“The idea is to make children think about the cost of fire, both in terms of life and property,

“Those thoughts have been in their minds when they've been painting and drawing. And who knows, some of the paintings could be adopted nationally for fire safety posters?

“As far as we're concerned fire safety is a round the year event.

“We are continually visiting schools, shops and factories.

“But for one week each year – Fire Safety Week – things come to a head.

“Because if we save just one life, it will have been worthwhile.”

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24th OCTOBER 1991

The Fire Safety bus visits Carregamman

ALL FIRED UP… Dilwyn the Dragon surrounded by little ones from the Ammanford pre-school playgroup at the Fire Service bus in Carregamman Lane during Fire Safety Week.






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