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28th OCTOBER 1993

National Fire Safety Week at Betws Primary school

FIRE ALERT….. Awareness to fire safety was highlighted in National Fire Safety Week supported by Dyfed Fire Brigade. Since it was introduced the national event has helped to save lives after raising public awareness about the dangers of fire. Its aim is to raise the profile of fire safety both in the home and in the workplace. Taking part were representatives from central and local government; industry and commerce; local voluntary groups; and members of the public. National Fire Safety week which ran from October 18th-23rd provided focus for many groups and individuals not normally in fire safety with the aim of encouraging good fire safety practice throughout the year. Pictured above are two pupils from Betws Primary School, Ammanford, who won a painting competition aimed at bringing home the dangers of fire. They are Tammy Edwards and Justin Jones, who are pictured with headmaster Mr Emir Morgan and Station Officer Jeff Jones.




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