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Montage of Community Fire Safety

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An example of a shop display during Fire Safety Week

In the beginning no one wanted to get involved with Fire Safety Week. I had good training with Leading fireman John Kelly, while stationed at Llanelli Fire Station. He and I used to set up the FP caravan outside the Llanelli Cinema. Inside we set household objects in dangerous fire situations.

In Ammanford I arranged with shop keepers that the winners of various painting competitions, that were painted by local school children, would be placed in their windows during Fire Safety Week.

I also arranged with shop owners with empty shops to set up window displays, an example opposite. Sometimes I set up displays in the Library.

I would like to thank, TARRS for supporting this for a number of years before the shop was eventually sold.

My creative flare has no doubt been passed to me from my father, Fred Norman who was responsible for outstanding Carnival floats.


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