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965 for the Fire Service Benevolent Fund
Pic: left to right ... Chris Morris, Geriant Thomas, Paul Tancock, Clive Hanner, Iwan Cray and Iona Price.

JANUARY 22 2004

BIG PARTY...Iona Price, of Tycroes, a retired Fire Service employee since 1989 has donated £965 to the Fire Service Benevolent Fund.

Iona recently celebrated her 60th birthday with a big party in the Vic Pub in Llandeilo where friends and family kindly contributed to raising funds. In this way she would like to show her appreciation to the Fire Service for being so kind to her son-in-law Michael Edwards of Cross Hands, a Firefighter in Morriston Fire Station who has been suffering of cancer for the last few years as was taken ill in December.

Michael Edwards has since been re-instated into the fire service as a Firefighter at his old station, Morriston. (Good fight Mike)

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