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1st Aug 1918

The monthly meeting of the above Council was held at the Y. M. C. A. Institute on Tuesday evening, when the following members were present : — Mr. J. Evan Jones, J. P., Chairman; Lieut.-Col. W. N. Jones, Mr. B. R. Evans, Mr. D. Jones, Mr. Evan Lewis, Mr. J. C. Shaw, Rev. John Morgan, Mr. Wm. Evans, Mr. T. Fletcher, and Mr. John Davies; together with the Clerk (Mr. T. M. Evans, M. A.), and the Surveyor (Mr. David Thomas).


The Clerk read the report received from the Captain of the Fire Brigade, applying for £8 in respect of the members’ fees for the year ended June 20th last. The Committee recommended that the sum of £2, which was claimed by the Brigade in respect of services rendered during the recent outbreak of fire in New Road, Ammanford, should be granted.

Mr. W. Evans enquired whether an application had been made to the Insurance Company for a contribution towards the Fire Brigade. It meant a great saving to the Insurance Company, and he was informed that the companies were always quite prepared to pay a contribution of that kind.

The Surveyor stated that he had made an application as referred to, and the assessors had assessed £4  2s.  2d. as the amount payable by the Insurance Company.

Mr. W. Evans said as an application had been made, he agreed to the recommendations of the Committee. The report was adopted.


Mr. Wm. Evans referred to the fire escape which the Council had procured. Although the appliance was obtained a long time ago, not a single practice had been held by the members of the Fire Brigade. It was most important that the Brigade should make itself acquainted with such an appliance, instead of allowing it to get rusty. The members of the Brigade should have practices periodically. He moved that the sum of £8 which they had decided to pay the firemen should be withheld until the members had had practices with the fire escape. The matter had been mentioned to the Roads Committee on a previous occasion, but they had turned a deaf ear. The fire escape had not been touched since the Council had purchased it. It was allowed to get rusty. He continued, that it was a reflection on them as a Council.

Mr. D. Jones said he did not think it fair to retain the fees of the members of the Fire Brigade. Perhaps they were not aware of the fire escape.

Lieut.-Col W. N. Jones: If we pass a resolution now to the effect that the Roads Committee should take this matter in hand and see that the Brigade does practise, then they will have been instructed by us to do so.

Mr. T. Fletcher said he agreed with the remarks of Mr. Wm. Evans. In his opinion, it was stipulated at the time the Fire Brigade was established that the members should practise. It seemed as if they had not had one practice.

Mr. John Davies enquired whether the Captain of the Fire Brigade had been notified.

The suggestion made by Lieut.-Col. W. N. Jones that the Roads Committee should take the matter in hand and see that practices were carried out by the Fire Brigade, was put to the meeting and carried.

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