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29th June 1916

The quarterly meeting of the Ammanford Chamber of Trade was held on Tuesday evening last, when Mr. W. N. Jones, J. P., presided over a good attendance of members.

(1st question – closing times, then Railway Station Accommodation (urinals), Fallen Monument, then –


Mr. Henry Davies raised the question as to what could be done in the case of a recent fire at Bettws, in which a heavy loss was sustained by a member of the Chamber, and a small committee, consisting of Messrs. Hy. Davies Rees, and Carruthers, was appointed to see into the matter.

Mr. Ivor Elias raised the question of better facilities for the extinguishing of local fires, and said some of the members of the Chamber felt there was not sufficient existing for contingencies.

Mr. Mod. Thomas said the appliances were very good. What was wanted was an alarm. He was present at a recent fire, and only one fireman was there. There were plenty of workmen who were ready and willing to help, but they had no experience.

He thought the Chamber should call the immediate attention of the Council to the matter. They were representative of the largest ratepayers in the town, and they ought to make the Council do that which they ought to have done long ago, and get a syren.

He proposed the secretary should write to the Council and ask them to give immediate attention to the question of erecting a syren.

The Chairman: And get the fire brigade into efficient order. The motion was agreed to.

In a column called "HEARD IN THE STREET" within the AMMAN VALLEY CHRONICLE. .


The Chamber of Trade was in a fighting mood on Tuesday evening, and were particularly strong on the negligence of the Urban Council to provide adequate appliances for the extinguishing of fires that break out in the neighbourhood.

As representative of the largest ratepayers in the district they feel that they have ground for impressing on the local governing body the urgency of the need for proper appliances, and for a properly organised fire brigade.

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