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Ammanford Fire Brigade
By Watcyn Wyn (1844 – 1905)

Watcyn as a young man from a photo found at the link below
Watcyn as a young man,
and as an elder below.

A Fire broke out in the block by the Square,
And a dreadful fire too;
It soon ran up from the cellar there,
And out four storeys through;
The heat, and the sparks, the glare and the flames,
And the speedy havoc it made
Called out the strength of the sires and dames
Of the Ammanford Fire Brigade .

There is no fire-engine up in the place,
Nor a pipe of water down,
But all at once there was a race
And a rush all over the town;
Every boy and girl, every man and wife,
Every bucket and shovel and spade
Were on the spot working for life
In the Ammanford Fire Brigade .

The roar of the flames was threat'ning the town,
And a rush was made to the Square,
And streams of water were pouring down,
And the brave to the cellar did dare;
The willing arm, and the helping hand,
What noble work they made
To form the Volunteer Band
Of the Ammanford Fire Brigade .

The Engine up from Llanelli came
O'er a road that is rough and long;
They drove the good steeds till they were lame,
And nothing at all went wrong;
But before they reached to Ammanford
And a halt on the Square was made,
The Demon was conquered—thank the Lord
By the Ammanford Fire Brigade .

WATCYN WYN. (link to my brother's site)

  This was taken from a group photo of Watcyn and his friends. Found by clicking the link opposite

Note: This poem was printed in leaflet form by Gwilym Vaughan, at one time a well known printer in Ammanford.

The poem appeared in the South Wales Guardian in 1969.

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