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21st MAY 1998



UNINHABITABLE… Mr. Morris' damaged home.

ALUN MORRIS…Looking for temporary accommodation.


LIGHTNING STRIKES: ‘I've lost everything in one go – I can't quite believe it'

A FREAK bolt of lightning that set a roof on fire has resulted in one man losing nearly all his possessions.

During a thunderstorm, Mr. Alan Morris' home at Highfield Road, Twyn, Garnant, was struck by lightning.

"I have lost everything in one,"he said.

"My house, where I lived for 15 years, is uninhabitable and can't quite believe it has happened to me."

Mr. Morris was at work when the roof was hit so it was his quick-thinking neighbour, Mr. Bryan Williams, who raised the alarm.

"I heard a bang and a sort of electrical hissing which turned out to be lightning hitting may aerial.

The storm happened at around 5pm last Thursday.

"I went outside and saw that Mr. Morris' chimney had come down and that there was smoke coming from the roof." Mr. Williams said.

"We were lucky though, only our video was damaged was damaged. Alun has lost everything."

The fire service arrived quickly on the scene to discover that Mr. Morris' attic had caught fire.

The front window had to be smashed so firemen could put out the flames, and the roof had to be taken down to make it safe. Smoke from the blaze had spread, damaging rooms, furniture and clothing. The shock of the evening's events are still sinking in for Mr. Morris and he is currently trying to find somewhere to stay while the house is repaired.

"It will take three months to repair the damage caused, so I'm trying to find somewhere to live until I can have my house back."

Mr. Morris, who works at Invotex, Cross Hands, praised the fire service for their response to the call.

"They did their best and two fire engines arrived after only minutes and stayed till 9.30 pm he said. "They were very good."

I was in charge of this one. As we were coming up the valley we could see the roof of the house on fire. We were dressed ready, and after having to force an entry, a team of two men in breathing apparatus made they way to the attic and extinguished the fire.



























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