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2nd JULY 1992


WRECKED…the Land Rover involved in last week's accident. The driver of the other vehicle died.
WRECKED… the remains of the Peugeot Gti, in which the driver was killed.  

A FORMER paramedic who tried to save the life of a car crash victim has called for an Immediate cut in speed limits at an speed limits at an accident black spot.

Ralph Ford fought to keep 27-year-old Mr Emyr Griffiths alive after the Peugeot 505 Gti he was driving collided with a Land Rover on the A476 between Cross Hands and Carmel on Friday night.

It was the second death crash at the spot in the past two years.

“My wife and I were in bed when we heard a loud bang followed immediately by a second bang,” 56-year-old Mr Ford, of Cerian Nyth, Carmel, told the Guardian.

“I looked at the accident site and asked my wife to phone for an ambulance.

“Then I looked at the Land Rover because that was where all the noise was coming from.”

After the Land Rover driver assured him he was not too badly hurt Mr Ford – a former paramedic with the Berkshire ambulance service – ran to help the driver of the Peugeot.

“I could see that this second driver was trapped and in a very serious condition with head injuries.

“I tried to find a pulse but it was very faint and spasmodic.

“His head was forward over the steering wheel blocking his airway and I moved his head back to improve his breathing.

“I tried to gain entry to the passenger side. Someone broke the glass window and I got into the car.”

Despite Mr Ford's best efforts, 27-year-old Emyr Griffiths was pronounced dead not long after the arrival of an ambulance.

The driver of the Land Rover, Mr Emyr Wyn Thomas (26), of Degerwy, Pantbuarthle, Llanfyr-nach, and passenger Trudy Jane Young (24), of the same address, were later taken to Prince Philip Hospital, Llanelli.

Mr Thomas was treated for internal bleeding and Miss Young was discharged after treatment for cuts and bruises.

Mr Ford, who works at the Travel Lodge Cross Hands, told the Guardian: “Something has got to be done about this road now.

“Every morning, it's like taking your life into your hands just get out of the driveway.

“Cars come round the corner at between 70 and 80 mph when the speed limit should be nearer to something like 40 mph or lower.

“Any reduction of any sort would be beneficial to the people of the area as long as this stretch of road is de-classified as a non speed limit area.”

He said he had been in touch with officials at Carmarthen District Council and had been told to put his complaints in to writing which he now intended to do.



























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