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27th NOVEMBER 1997



DAMAGED…The Thomas' front room, cleared of debris after a fireball ripped through it. The couple declined to be photographed.


Brynamman couple said they were lucky to escape with their lives after a gas explosion partially destroyed their home.

Pensioners Meidryn and Margaret Thomas, and their 36-year-old daughter-in-law, Heulwen, were thrown up in the as a fireball ripped through the front room of their home in Gren Villa, Banwen Place.

Luckily, the couple's three-year-old grandson Aled was thrown? By the blast which caused damage estimated at between £15,000 and £20,000.

“The settee was blown up in the air by the force of the blast whilst I was sitting on it,” said Mr Thomas, who had his eyebrows singed.

“My daughter-in-law was blown across the room and injured her back. My wife was knocked on to the floor with her hair on fire.”

Mrs Margaret Thomas and Mrs Heulwen Thomas were taken to Morriston Hospital where Mrs Margaret Thomas received six stitches for a shoulder injury.

“The whole place was a ball of fire,” added Mr Thomas. “We were terrified and are lucky to be alive.”

Mr Thomas said the explosion was so intense that it blew out an Irish port stone fireplace splitting a marble hearth three-quarters-of-an-inch thick. It also raised the kitchen ceiling about one-inch above the wall.

Also ruined was a three-piece suite; carpets; stereo unit and speakers; crystal glassware; and various ornaments.

Mr Thomas believes the gas had been percolating under the wooden floorboards in their front room for some time

“It was kept intact b carpeting and underlay until it found it's way out through the fire place.”

Firefighters, paramedics, and police were called to the scene, which was later checked by Calor Gas experts.

“It is still under investigation but it seems the cause was the leakage of gas from an underground pipe,” said Calor Gas spokesman. “It is possible that the underground pipe was perished or damaged.”




















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