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15th DECEMBER 1988




FIREMEN and quarry workers battled for more than two hours to free a horse from a cattle grid at Trap last Friday morning.

Under supervision of vet John Downes, the horse was carefully harnessed and lifted from the grid using a Caterpillar excavator loaned from the Steetley quarry.

The horse was found by its owner Mrs. Penny Jenner of Creigiau Farm, Llandyfan. “We found her as soon as it got light, but we don't know how long she had bee there. It could have been since the early hours.”

A fire crew from Ammanford arrived at the scene at 8 a.m. followed by a emergency tender from Llanelli equipped with hydraulic and compressed air tools. As firemen helped to keep the animal calm, others managed to attach a harness around its middle.

Before the horse, named Boggit, could be lifted firemen had to cut through the iron bars trapping its legs and separate them with hydraulic lifting equipment.

The giant Caterpillar vehicle was then inched into position by quarryman Eric Toms, before gently lifting the horse away from the grid and carefully laying it to rest without damaging its injured legs.

Mr. Downes, a member of the Ellis Veterinary Practice, of Llandovery, then sedated Boggit to avoid her panicking further.

Mr. Downes said later: “She is cut and bruised but I don't think there is any permanent damage, she should be alright in two to three weeks.

The worst cuts are on her hind lags, they're quite severe but not too deep, she'd obviously been rubbing her legs against the bars to try and get out.
















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