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30th 0CTOBER 2003



GUTTED VEHICLE…Marc Jones, owner of Marc's Motors, with his burned out tow truck.



A VICIOUS hate campaign against an Ammanford man erupted in flames at the weekend, his father told the Guardian.

Marc's Motors in Maesquarre Road, Betws, was attacked by an arsonist at the weekend.

Detectives and fire officers have been sifting through the wreckage investigation the blaze. And today owner Marc Jones's father, Brian, has offered a £1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the culprit.

Mr. Jones believes the arsonist is the same person who has been making vicious threats against his businessman son and his family for a number of months

He said: “For the past three to four months Marc and the family have received verbal threats from a certain person.

“This has made members of our immediate and extended family fear for their safety.

“My wife and I were in Spain earlier this year when we were called back to Ammanford because more threats had been made.

“They have been reported to the police, but the investigation wasn't very successful.”

Mr. Jones said things have got so bad the family have increased security ten-fold to combat the problem.

“We have cameras all around the property to make us feel safer but we don't feel safe at the moment because of this attack.” Added Mr. Jones.

“Marc has worked really hard to build up this business and mindless thugs are trying to ruin it for him. They even tried to set fire to a customer's Mercedes. Luckily, this didn't catch, but Marc's recovery vehicle is a right off.

“I am prepared to offer a reward of £1,000 to anyone who gives police the information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.”

Fire officers were alerted by an anonymous caller at 9.20pm on Saturday. Within minutes Ammanford firefighters were on the scene to discover the cab of a recovery vehicle was ablaze.

DI Ray Squires, head of CID at Ammanford, said officers are treating the fire as suspicious.

He said: “The male made the call from a telephone kiosk just outside the Yr Hen Bont Restaurant, in Pontaman Road, Pontaman


“He did not leave the telephone operator his so we are very eager to trace this person.

“He is not in any trouble, we just need to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident.”






























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