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31st AUGUST 1989


Rebel the hero dog that saved Mrs Davies

My hero … Mrs. Davies with life-saver Rebel.

Brave Rebel, a Corgi cross has saved his owner's life we can reveal this week.

Poisoned by carbon monoxide fumes Mrs. Ellen Doris Davies (64) was lying in bed semi-conscious at her Ammanford home on Monday night when her pet roused her.

He kept entering her bedroom and tugging at the blankets, eventually forcing Mrs. Davies to get up to investigate.

Staggering into the kitchen and seeing that the dog had been violently sick, she immediately realised the cause of her severe headache and feeling of nausea.

She collapsed three times before reaching the phone. Soon, a doctor. Ambulance, firemen and relatives arrived at her home in Wernoleu Road , Hopkinstown, and she was taken to Llanelli Hospital for treatment.

“I'm lucky to be alive. I've had a miraculous escape,” said Mrs. Davies, now recovering at the home of her son and daughter-in-law Ricky and Angela Davies of Bridge Street Penygroes.

“She lit a fire on Monday to air the bungalow,” said Angela. “It was smoking all day. She took sleeping tablets at about 11 pm and at midnight Rebel who is not allowed into the bedroom kept going in. she couldn't understand why.

“When she reached the hall the fumes hit her and she realised what was wrong. She felt very sleepy and had a terrible headache.

“She collapsed three times but luckily managed to crawl to the phone and call us. The doctor was there in 10 minutes and he said that if she'd been in the bungalow much longer she wouldn't have survived.
















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