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19th JANUARY 1989

Family pick up the pieces after blaze

Fire damage of the bathroom at Cefneithin

The bathroom of the fire damaged house at Cefneithin.

A Cefeneithin mother and daughter have lost most of their possessions after fire ravaged their council house last week.

Mrs. Janet Gibbon and her 15-year-old daughter, Cherie, are now living with Mrs. Gibbon's father Mr. Dorian Watkins, at 47 Heol y Parc, next door to their extensively damaged home.

As friends and relatives tried to clear the debris and salvage some of their belongings. Mrs. Gibbon revealed that the contents of the house was uninsured.

She said: “Everything was damaged in the kitchen, all we managed to salvage were son knives and forks.

“There is smoke damage everywhere, all the furniture downstairs has gone because of the heat and smoke. The fire only lasted between ten and fifteen minutes. We lost quite a few belongings such as clothes, shoes and coats, but we've got a few odds and ends left.”

The fire started in the kitchen last Tuesday evening while Janet and Cherie were at a nearby shop. Destroying the contents of the kitchen, the blaze spread to the bathroom directly upstairs and ruined much of its fittings.

The heat from the fire was so great that it also damaged furniture and clothes in the living room and broke windows at the front of the house. It also scorched paint and wall paper throughout the ground floor.

The first floor was also badly smoke and heat damaged.

Firemen from Tumble and Ammanford were on the scene within minutes as it was initially feared someone might be trapped inside.

“The fire brigade were here straight away. They were marvellous,” aid Mrs. Gibbon.

Carmarthenshire District Council housing officials are currently evaluating the damage caused to the house.

Chief housing office Mr. Gerry Davies said it was impossible to judge how much structural damage had been done to the house at this stage, but was hopeful it could be restored to its former state.

“We will do all the work reinstating the house to a habitable condition replace the kitchen units and redecorate everything. It is obviously a harrowing time for Mrs. Gibbon and we will help has much as we can.” he said.






















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