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21st DECEMBER 1989


  Outside picture of the empty house at Garnant
Forensic expert sifting through the debris
  GUTTED… The aftermath of a fire which swept through an empty house at Garnant while neighbours slept. SEARCHING… A forensic expert sifts through the debris at he house in Twyn, Garnant.


Evidence from a mystery fire which gutted an empty Garnant house has been sent to Chepstow for examination by forensic experts.

Detectives at Ammanford say they are treating the cause of the fire with some suspicion but have not yet discounted the possibility of an electrical fault.

Owner Mr. Donald Ivor Davies, of Llwynhen Road , Cwmgors, has his own ideas how the fire started.

“I would say I am seventy five per cent sure it was caused by vandals. There was nothing kept there that was inflammable. According to my information the house had not been connected with electricity.”

Mr. Davies said he had to call police to the house in August after it had been damaged by vandals. He added that youngsters had been spotted in the house on the evening after the fire.

Locals slept unaware of the blaze at 2 Highfield Road ,Twyn, which is set in its own grounds, until it was spotted at around 4.15 am. On Thursday morning by a neighbour.

Fireman called to the scene said the fire had probably been burning for around two hours before their arrival and had already burned through the roof.

Officers wearing breathing apparatus entered the blazing building to try and extinguish the fire from the inside while running the risk of being hit by falling debris.

Station Officer Peter Brennan, of Carmarthen , who attended the blaze, said: “It was relatively dangerous for the men, but if anything had liked like collapsing we would have withdrawn them.

In fact we had to take two men out because the ceiling was bowing,” he added.

Detective Inspector Harry Rees, who is investigating the blaze, said that house to house enquiries had been made while forensic and scene of crime officers sifted through the charred remains of the house.

















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