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14th AUGUST 1986



Remembered old trick- Ieuan Roberts


A BEAM of light from a torch saved the lives of two men when fire gutted a terraced house at Glanaman in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Retired postman Mr. Ieuan Roberts, of 49 Heol Brynlloi, used the torch when his asthmatic wife awoke shortly after 3 a.m. and said she could smell smoke.

“We couldn't see any smoke with the house lights on and we were about to go back to bed when I remembered a trick taught to me by an old man years ago.” Mr. Robbers said on Monday.

“He said the best way to detect smoke was to use a torch, as it would show up in the beam of light. It worked, and we could see traces of smoke in the room.


Mr. Roberts aged 64, dashed to the rear of his neighbour's house where he saw smoke coming from the bathroom window. He then ran to the front of the house and woke up the occupants.

House owner Mr. Geriant Llewellyn, aged 33, came to the front door, realised a fire was raging downstairs, and ram back upstairs to wake his lodger, Mr. John Nagle.

Moments after the two men came out of the house, a downstairs door broke open in the intense heat and the flames engulfed the stairway.

Mr. Llewellyn burned his hand and 47-year-old Mr. Nagle singed his hair during the escape.


Dyfed Fire Service spokesman who was at the scene with two fire crews, said every unit in the kitchen and bathroom had melted in the fierce heat of the blaze. “Had it not been for the neighbour's action there would have been more serious consequences,” he said. “In fact, the two men would have been lucky to have got out alive.”

The fire service was investigating the possibility of a cigarette having been the cause of the blaze.



















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