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1st SEPTEMBER 1995



DAMPING DOWN Ammanford fire brigade men survey the damage at Heol Felen, Garnant, following a house fire last Thursday afternoon



A NEIGHBOUR had to drag a 50 year-old Garnant woman out of her burning home as she tried in vain to put out the blaze.

Mr Ron Hall ran into the smoke filled house after another neighbour had heard a fire alarm and screams coming from Mrs Rangi Howells' home at Heol Felen.

Mrs Howells was on the landing desperately trying to douse the flames which were engulfing her bedroom after a mattress had accidentally caught fire.

As firemen brought the blaze under control, Mr Hall told the Guardian: I went in and she was trying to get the mattress out of the bedroom.

I grabbed her around the waste and brought her out. The bedroom was full of flames.

I had to go in I could see the house going up in flames.

Mrs Rangi was given oxygen at the scene by Ammanford ambulance men and taken to Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli, suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation.

The alarm was raised by neighbour Michelle James. She told the Guardian: I heard the fire alarm and her screaming.

I went to my kitchen window and saw flames coming out of her window at the back of her house so I phoned for the fire brigade.

Mrs James said that the fire alarms on the Heol Felen estate had only been installed by Dinefwr Borough Council the previous year.

Two fire engines form Ammanford arrived on the scene and had the fire under control within five minutes, preventing it from spreading to the adjoining premises on either side.

Officers stayed on the scene for around two-and-a-half hours to ensure the fire was completely extinguished.

A spokesman for Ammanford Fire Brigade said: The occupant accidentally set fire to a bed in a rear room upstairs. She was attempting to extinguish it with water from the bathroom when it got out of control.

Upstairs was severely damaged and there was slight water damage to the kitchen which was below the bedroom.

Part of the roof of the neighbouring property was affected. There was a lot of smoke coming through the neighbouring roof.























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