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30th JULY 1992


BLAZE HOUSE … firemen and police at the damaged house.
  HEROS… Mr Malcolm Evans, left, dragged Mrs Gealy from her fume-filled hose before Mr Wyn Lewis administered first aid.

A PENYGROES man saved the life of a neighbour by dragging her unconscious from her blazing home.

Dyfed County Council storeman, Malcolm Evans, 42, of 31 Spien Road, fought his way through blinding smoke to get at mother-of-three. Carol Gealy, who was lying unconscious on the kitchen floor.

Mr Evans dragged her onto the patio at the rear of the house where another neighbour, 56-year-old retired factory worker, Wyn Lewis, of 29 Spien Road, administered first aid.

Mr Evans, who had a day-off to watch the Neath versus Wallabies match last Wednesday, spotted thick black smoke coming from a window after he was alerted by another neighbour.

He then ran towards the hose and entered the kitchen to find Mrs Gealy, the mother of three children aged 16,15, and 12 slumped face gown on the kitchen floor.

Mr Evans told the Guardian: “I was coughing badly due to the smoke and the smoke was so thick that I could not see anything in front of me. Luckily I saw what appeared to be a head and I reached out and dragged Carol out through the door.”

Once she was outside, Mr Lewis turned her on side, checked her mouth and she regained consciousness.

Mr Evan's wife, Wendy, then went for blankets, and kept Carol warm until the ambulance arrived to take her to Prince Philip Hospital, Llanelli.

Firefighters from Ammanford and Tumble wearing breathing apparatus used hose reel jets to extinguish the blaze and the house was checked and the rooms for any more occupants.

The house was severely damaged by smoke and police and fire officers are continuing to investigate the cause of the blaze at the house.

A fire service spokesman said the quick thinking of Mr Evans saved the life of Mrs Gealy.


















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