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18th APRIL 1960




Firemen peer through the smoke into the interior of Glanrhyd Stores Pantyffynnon where £2,000 worth of damage was caused by a sudden outbreak of fire last Sunday.


30 – yard dash to telephone kiosk

Damage estimated at £2,000 was caused when a fire broke out in Glanrhyd Stores, Pantyffynnon, at 1.15 pm on Sunday. The damage was done to almost the entire stock in the shop and the fittings, and harm was done to living room behind and above.

Cause of the fire was an oil stove, which stood in the front left hand corner of the room. It is still unknown what fault developed, as there was none present at the time.

“It all happened in a minute,” said Mr. R. G. Addis, son of the manager, Mr. Ben Addis, who had left the room a few minutes before the incident. When he returned the draught had caught the fire and the shop was in flames.


Mr. Addis seized a hose with which he tried to put out the blaze, while his wife, Mrs. S. P. Addis, ran 30 yards to a telephone, and called the fire service. Smoke quickly filled every room in the house, and it was found impossible to remain inside.

Although the fire service, under Station Officer D. W. Jones, took only five minutes to arrive on the scene, willing help was already at hand. Neighbours and passers-by heard the siren, saw the smoke and flames which were by then threatening the remainder of the building and buckets of water from a nearby stream helped to keep the fire from spreading too quickly.

The only goods in the store which did not have to be abandoned were two crates of oranges and apples, which were placed underneath a counter. The remainder were ruined. Among the equipment destroyed were a pair of scales and a till which had contained paper money. Gone too were five years of accounts.


The flames reached the bed-rooms above, but apart from slightly damaging the floor and furniture, did not spread farther. The bed clothes were luckily only slightly singed and did not catch fire.

The front windows of the store were smashed and several rooms to the rear damaged by the smoke.

One redeeming aspect of the incident was that Mr. Addis had loaded up his van that morning in preparation for delivery rounds, and thus saved about £90 of goods.

The store is owned by Mr. M. G. Davies. Dynevor Hotel, Pantyffynnon.

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