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20th JULY 1967




Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Davies, Old Road, Ammanford, point out the damage done by a thunderbolt during last Thursday's storm.


The violent thunderstorm which struck the district last Thursday night left in its wake a trail of damage, killed five cattle in a field, and cut electricity supplies.

Two families had lucky escapes when thunderbolts smashed through their homes in Ammanford and Tai'rgwaith.

In one house, a nab returning to a room to watch television saw a thunderbolt emerge from the fireplace, streak across the room past the spot where he had been sitting a few moments earlier, leave through an open window, and tear up and twist iron railings

Mr. I. D. Jones, of Llwyn Celyn Road, Tai'rgwaith, who experienced this was in the house with his three children, who were all in bed. His wife, Rachel, was at a local hospital where she works as a staff nurse.

Mrs. Jones revealed later that the chimney had been broken off and had damaged the roof above the bedroom which one of her sons, Hugh, aged eight, was sleeping.

“Luckily, the ceiling was not damaged, but a vent was blown out. The chimney had crashed on to the garage at the side of the house and wrecked the car. The fire brigade was called, and we had to spend a night in a neighbour's house,” said Mrs. Jones.

In their home at Old Road, Ammanford, Mr. and Mrs. Stanely Davies, were treated for shock after a thunderbolt had struck their chimney and ripped about 10 square feet of plaster from the inside wall of a back bedroom.

Mrs. Davies said she was in the kitchen and her husband, who is an invalid, had just gone upstairs when she heard a terrific bang, before being thrown across the kitchen.


Five cattle belonging to Mr. B. T. Miles, of Penygroes Farm, Garnswllt, were killed outright by lightning. They were all found dead close to a hedge in an area of 10 to 15 yards. Sheep grazing in another part of the same field survived. Top of Page



















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