When I joined the service in September 1974 I spent about two and half years stationed at Llanelli Station. After this period I transferred to my home town Ammanford.

I started to cut out articles from the local paper pertaining to Ammanford Station, of Incidents, various Fire Safety and Social happenings.

I have therefore split the Fire Pics sections into 2 categories, those before and those after I arrived at Ammanford.

This section is before I arrived.




2nd May
28th Nov
Firemen do a great job to save Wooll'ys and Central Cafe. CLICK TO SEE STORY

Woolly's & Central Cafe
Hopkinstown Fire click to see story

Hopkinstown Fire




30th June

Betws Club fire click to see story

Betws Club razed to the ground




18th Feb

15th Dec

Glanrhyd Sores on fire

Glanrhyd Stores Pantyffynnon

Mrs A Williams and Mrs B Smith

Tonia's Hairdresser Fire





27th April

Lorry overturned at Parcyrhyn bridge

Lorry over Parcyrhyn Bridge




Year 1962

No Pictures but stories.

Stories from the end of 1961 & 1962




24th Jan
7th March
Curtains flap in the cold wind after windows in rooms on BOTH floors had been shattered by the explosion

Boiler Blast Betws

Ammanfore Firemen are seen fighting a fire at Peglars Stores last week

Peglars Store




8th April
Garnant Social Centre fire click to see story

Garnant Social Centre




30th June
Amman Valley Grammar School fire click to see story

Amman Valley Grammar School




16th Feb
9th March
30th March

Lighted Pipe causes Death by Fire

87 Year-Old dies in Fire

Crash at Maesquarre 1967

Crash at Maesquarre Road

Viscount crashes car


Viscount Emlyn Car Crash

20th July
8th Sept

Lightning Bolts hit Homes

Lightningbolts hit Homes

Regal Ballroom made of ammunition boxes click to see story

Regal Ballroom at Tirydail





11th July
21st Nov
Llandeilo Council Yard

Helpless Babies

Llandeilo Council Yard
Helpless Babies





20th Feb
6th Nov
He saved two babies

Shands Portacabin Fire
He saved two babies
Shand's Portacabin Fire





25th June

Castle Garage








13th April
Cwmamman Urban Council Offices click to see story

Cwmaman Urban Council Offices




5th June
19th June
Fire in steel house click to see story

18 Carreg Amman
Fire at old Xhands cinema click to see story

Capital Cinema Xhands




29th April
26th Aug

Bowling Ally burns down click to see story

Ammanford Erisky Bowling Alley

No pictures just write ups!  click to see story

No pictures just write ups!