When I joined the service in September 1974 I spent about two and half years stationed at Llanelli Station. After this period I transferred back to my home town Ammanford.

I started to cut out articles from the local paper pertaining to Ammanford Station, being incidents and its social undertakings.

I have therefore split the fire calls into 2 categories, those before and those after I arrived at Ammanford.

This section is after I arrived.


26th Oct
House gutted 28th Oct 1978
House Gutted by fire





20th Dec
Burnt out car
Burned Out Car Appeal




10th Jan
Car Crash Glynmoch 10th Jan 1985
Car Crash Glynmoch


8th May
9th July
10th July
Shoppers world 8th May 1986
Shoppers World
Bonllwyn House fire 9th July 1986

46 Bonllwyn

Car stolen, stripped and fired

Stolen Car on Fire
31st July
14th Aug
13th Nov
Cattle lorry crash 31st July 1986

Cattle Lorry Crash

A trick that might save your life

Torch Trick is Life Saver

Newsagent Garnant 13th Nov 1986

Newsagent Garnant

11th Dec
18th Dec
Teacher trapped 11th Dec 1986

Teacher trapped in Coopers Flats crash

College Street fire 18th Dec 1986

Rescuers Praised for their Actions



29th Jan
7th May
24th Dec

Coal lorry crash 29th Jan 1987

Coal Lorry Collision

Barn fire 7th May 1987

Primrose Hill Farm Barn

Mini Car gutted in Tycroes

Mini Car fire




25th Feb
24th March

31st March

Dean wakes Mum 25th Feb 1988

Dean (4) is Blaze Hero

Coal Pellet fire 24th March 1988

Coal Pellet fire
Fanasy RFC club Pantyffynnon 31st March 1988

Fantasy Island (breakaway RFC Club)
26th May
23rd June
28th July

Norwave van crash 26th May 1988

Driver breaks Arm

Hot Iron Glanamman 23rd Jun 1988
Hot Iron Blaze
Motor Cycle and Car crash 28th July 1988

Motor Cycle and Car
8th Sept
15th Sept
15th Dec

AVC school kitchen fire 8th Sept 1988

Amman Valley Comp School Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Fire at Amman Valley Junior School 15th Sept 1988

Amman Valley Junior School Kitchen Fire
Horse lifted from Cattle grid 15th Dec 1988
Horse trapped in Cattle Grid


19th Jan
19th Jan
26th Jan

Thumbnail of bathroom debris

Mum counts the Cost

Zeta Heid's crashed car

Zeta Heid Crashes

Two teenagers saved from slurry pit

Lucky to Escape Slurry
15th June
26th June
31st Aug
Damage caused to crashed car

Crash Damage

Witnesses required for carsh

Crash Appeal

Rebel the dog and owner Mrs Davies

Miracle Escape

26th Oct
21st Dec

Secretary stands in debris of arson club

Arson Attack Drinkers Flee

Outside of house where mystery fire starts

Mystery Fire Destruction





25th Jan
1st Feb
2nd Aug
Olympia gym fire 25th Jan 1990

Olympia Keep Fit
Gales Sweep Valley 1st Feb 1990

Gales sweep Valley

Quay Street fire 2nd Aug 1990

Keith Hanhams Butchers Shop



17th Jan
21st March
11th April
OAP loses all and cats 17th Jan 1991

OAP loses all
Capel Hendre family flees fire

Capel Hendre Family flees fire
Driver escapes unhurt 11th April 1991

Driver escapes unhurt
8th Aug
15th Aug
17th Oct
Smoke Alarm saves alive 8th Aug 1991

Smoke Alarm saves lives
Garnant Family flees fire 15th Aug 1991

Garnant Family Flees

Hay trailer fire 17th Oct 1991

Hay Trailer Fire

14th Nov

Horse killed by car

Horse killed by car




23rd Jan
2nd July
16th July

Car Crash Mystery

Car Crash Mystery

Carmel fatal crash
Fatal Crash at Carmel
Lucky Escape when car plunges
Lucky Escape
30th July
22nd Oct
8th Nov
Transit van catches fire outside Morgan Marine

Transit Van outside Morgan Marine

Llandybie Blaze

Children believed to set Llandybie Blaze

Crash Exercise on Station Yard

Car Crash Exercise

19th Nov
Penygroes Rescue

Penygroes Rescue




1st July
26th Aug

Horrific Crash Kills Two Young Women

Horrific Crash near Pont Abraham

Angel Inn Salem Arson Fire to hide Robbery

Angel Inn, Salem








28th April
28th April
12th May

Betws Soccer Club duggout

Betws Club Dugout

Equipment Store at Ammanford Special Needs School

Special Needs School
Equipment Store

Llandybie Quarry Rescue

Llandybie Quarry Rescue





1st Sep


Woman escapes from Garnant bedroom

Woman Escapes from





6th June
13th June

Arson attack in Cwmgors

Family Escape Arson Attack

Plastic containers on fire

TNT Welding,
Shands Road





17th April
19th June
14th Aug

Lorry overturns in GCG

Lorry overturns in GCG

Arsonists strike at Cresci's GCG

Arsonists strike at Cresci Cafe GCG

Senior citizen dies in head on crash

Senior Citizen dies in Fatal Crash

27th Nov
23rd Dec

Calor gas tank leaks

Gas leak causes Explosion

Old Cross catches fire

Old Cross Inn catches Fire




9th April
21st May

Lucky Escape neighours perform rescues

Lucky Escape and
Neighbours' perform Rescues

Lightning Bolt hits Chimney

Lightning Bolt hits Chimney





24th June
19th Aug
23rd Sept

Arson Attackon GCG shop

Arson Attack on GCG shop

Clayton Animal Feed

Clayton Animal Feed
warehouse catches fire.

Pensioner's House is

Pensioner's House is





16th Nov
11th April

Dad of 4 on Arson Charges

Amman Valley Grass fires

Grass Fires over the Amman Valley





1st March
26th June
31st July

Betws Football stand burns down

Betws Football Stand burns

Tragic events at Derwydd Ave GCG

Tragic Fatalities in Gwaun-Car-Gurwen

Flooding in July

A day of Floods

4th Sept
30th Oct
6th Nov

Coal Lorry overturns in GCG

Another Coal lorry overturns

Arson attack at Marc's Motors

Arson Attack at Marc's Motors

Father attempts Arson

Father charged with Arson Attempt




19th Feb
27th May
16th Sept
Accident blackspot in Saron

Accident Blackspot

Crisp and Fry catches fire

Wind Street Chip Range Fire

Driver cut free

Driver Cut Free