22nd DECEMBER 1977


Thank you Gentlemen. John Harries became a good friend to Ammanford Station after.


Two firemen left their picket line a Ammanford last Friday evening when they heard of a fire at a private mine on Betws Mountain.

The men, had earlier spotted the blaze from their picket posts. There were two loud explosions which shook buildings for miles around. And having received a message which suggested that someone's life could be in danger they went up to Llethr Lan small mine in their own vehicles.

After speaking to the manager and verifying that no one was in danger they returned to their picket duties

The explosions which hurled debris 40 yards are believed to have been caused by a gas cylinder and a paraffin container blowing up.

The caravans were used as offices and changing rooms for the small mine.

Members of Ammanford Round Table who have formed their own fire-fighting unit to cope with local blazes during the firemen's strike raced to the scene.

Many local people watched the flicker of emergency lights as ambulances and police cares made their way up the mountains in the darkness.

Mr. Alan Davies a Round Tabler said: “It was a very isolated spot and a long way form any water supply.


“We had about 750 feet of hosepipe and we managed to lay this from a natural pool so that when a Green Goddess arrived from Llanelli about 25 to 30 minutes later they were able to plug into the end of our line and fight the fire.”

“If we had had another couple of lengths of hosepipe we could have put the blaze out ourselves but we got to within 100 yards of the fire and all the Green Goddess crew had to do was link up to the end.”

Ammanford Round Tablers have been given a Civil Defence Landrover and trailer by Dyfed Powys fire authorities, and they organise a rota duty system.

By trying to take a short cut across the grass the Green Goddess got into difficulties and had to be towed by a heavy lifting vehicle form a local garage.


Another Round Tabler said “ We are really a life saving unit rather than a fire-fighting force. We are a long way from any help here in Ammanford and our main concern is with making sure that there are no lives in danger. We don't want to cause any animosity between ourselves and the lads who man our local fire station.”

A local spokesman for the Fire Brigades Union said: “We are concerned about public safety and would never refuse to assist anyone in danger.”



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